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Hippodrome Hotel – La Condesa – México DF

The broad tree-lined avenues, the majestic art nouveau mansions and the well-preserved Art Deco apartment buildings give La Condesa a distinctly European feel. Hipsters walk dogs in the shadowed Parque España and young professionals navigate the fashions in avant-garde boutiques. Elegant sidewalk cafes, modern international bistros and informal taquerias dot the area. At night, elegant bars and clubs fill up with a younger crowd.

México City

Since its Aztec foundation as Mexico-Tenochtitlan in 1325 and the Spanish conquest almost 500 years ago, Mexico City has been consolidated as an urban and cultural hub. It’s incredible culture, enriched with the arrival of different groups of immigrants throughout the 20th century and it´s vibrant economy and social life, have been making the capital city one of the most cosmopolitan destinations around the globe.

Complex, paradoxical and vibrant, Mexico City has been reinvented in the last years. Its rich history and architecture, diversity, innovative gastronomic scene, commercial offerings, the warmth of its people and their dedication to service, combined with its unique geographical location and blessed weather, have laid a strong path, inviting travelers to experience its new sophistication to this latest wave of rebirth and renewal. It's undoubtedly today´s commercial, economic and cultural epicenter in Latin America.

La Condesa

The beginning of the 20th century ushered in a growing demand for urban spaces in Mexico City and a new social order brought by the Mexican Revolution. The land that previously belonging to the Countess (La Condesa) of Miravalle – descendant of the emperor Moctezuma – included the Hippodrome at Jockey Club, which was repurposed in a time of redefining Mexico’s national identity. In 1927, La Condesa district born. During this time, a series of buildings with prominent art déco and neoaztec architectural styles were erected, with many still intact, providing the district with its unique charm and personality and has become emblematic of this now flourishing neighborhood in Mexico City.

The old track of the racetrack gave rise to the main avenue of the neighborhood: Amsterdam Street, and the center of it to one of the most beautiful parks in the city, which at the time was named Lindberg in honor the pilot who had recently crossed the Atlantic, and which is now known as "Mexico Park". In recent decades La Condesa has received an unprecedented group of artists, writers, and personalities of national and international culture, which has made this neighborhood one of the most interesting to discover, see and be seen. La Condesa is one of the hot spots of the City.

The Tehuacán Building

The Hippodrome Hotel is housed in the historic Tehuacan building built in 1931 facing the famous Edificio Basurto on Avenida México. The Tehuacan building is one of the best examples of nationalist architecture and Mexican art déco style. Recently redesigned by celebrated architect and owner Nahim Dagdug, he has maintained the iconic building’s original design ethos but incorporated contemporary elements that make it an intimate, discreet and timeless place.